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Android Data Recovery Software

It is quite simple to recover lost data on Android; simply look through the programmes listed below to restore erased data.

1. Data Retrieval

In Windows and Mac OS, the 7-Data Recovery software aids in the recovery of data lost from an Android or SD card. To put it another way, this software aids in the retrieval of deleted files from mobile devices.


This software is available for free download, but it can only recover 1 GB of data. As a result, the pro edition of this software is available for $49.95. Follow the steps below one by one to recover deleted photographs, movies, music, contacts, and other files:

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Step 1: First, download and install the software from this link: 7-Data Recovery on your computer.

Step 2: Using a USB cable, connect your mobile device to the USB port.

Step 3: Select the connected device from the menu and click the “Recover” button.

Step 4: Sit back and wait for the scanning to finish.

Step 5: When the scanning is finished, tick the boxes next to the deleted files you want to restore.

Step 6: Finally, decide where you want the recovered data to be saved.

Step 7: Sit back and wait for the procedure to complete.

The benefit of recovering with this programme is that you don’t require root access to the device’s file system. The disadvantage is that this software requires a system to recover deleted files; without a system, it is difficult to utilise this software.

7-Data Recovery programme is now known as Disk Drill. The software capabilities have not changed.

2. Dr. Fone 

Dr. Fone is an easy-to-use Android data recovery programme that lets you recover deleted information like video, chat logs, contacts, text messages, and other data from your Android phone.

It also supports practically all forms of photo, music, video, and document extensions. This software can help you recover data from both your internal memory and your SD card.

The Dr. Fone app has a free version that allows you to:

  • Files that have been damaged or deleted can be restored.
  • Data transfer between mobile devices and computers.

From the link, get the Dr. Fone programme.

To use this software, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable. Enable USB debugging on your phone as well.

Step 2: After that, you must select a scanning method. The user must choose between two modes: Standard and Advanced.

Step 3: Now it’s time to start scanning.

Step 4: The files will be presented in their entirety. Now, check to see whether any of the files you want to recover have been marked.

Step 5: Finally, save the files to wherever you choose.

The scanning feature of this software is incredibly speedy, and it aids in the recovery of practically all deleted files.

3. Undeleter

Undeleter is one of the best Android apps for recovering deleted files. It can restore almost all major formats for free, but you must pay to use some of the features.

  • You may get it from the Play Store by following the link.
  • The Internal Memory, SD card, and Application directories are all scanned by this software.
  • On Android, you can only access the root directory after enabling root on your device.
  • Undeleter will only look for cached photos or thumbnails if you don’t specify otherwise.
  • It may be used to recover APK files, text files, Whatsapp conversations, and documents.
  • You can save the retrieved data to a cloud storage service like Google Drive.
  • You may also get the full version, which costs roughly $5 and is ad-free.

Although it has a low rating on the Play Store, it is one of the greatest data recovery apps.

4. Android Minitool Mobile Recovery

In only a few minutes, the Minitool Mobile Recovery programme can help you recover deleted data from your Android’s internal memory or SD card. This application is completely free.

There are two recovery options in this programme: one for memory cards and the other for device memory. This application can be downloaded by following the link.

Examining the contents of your phone’s storage or SD card

Step 1: If you don’t have a card reader, start by selecting Recover from Phone. Otherwise, select Recover from SD card.

Step 2: Next, connect your device to your computer using a USB cord. After that, the MiniTool software will have access to your device’s filesystem. Enable USB debugging on your device as well. If “Recover from SD card” is chosen, connect the SD card to the computer using a card reader.

Step 3: You must now sign up when you connect your device to the PC for the first time.

Step 4: Your device should also be rooted to allow for better scanning.

Step 5: Finally, press the Next button. You must choose between two scan modes when scanning:

Deep Scan Quick Scan

Step 6: Once you’ve selected the Scan option, click “Next” to begin scanning your phone. Then sit back and wait for the scanning to complete.

Step 7: When the scanning is finished, a list of all files identified will appear. After that, select the files you want to recover.

5. DiskDigger for Android 

DiskDigger for Android lets you recover deleted photographs and videos from your phone’s internal or external storage. You can save the restored data to your device or to the internet.

This application can be used without a computer. It accepts all image formats, including png, jpg, and bmp. There is also no need for root access to the file system, however having root access increases the chances of finding deleted files.

There are two sorts of scan modes: basic scan mode and complete scan mode.

  • Without root access, you may recover deleted files on Android using Basic Scan.
  • You can recover deleted files on Android with Full Scan if you have root access.

When the scanning is finished, you’ll be able to see all of the files and check the box next to the file you want to recover. Then select “Recover” from the drop-down menu.

By clicking on the link, you can get DiskDigger for Android from the Google Play Store.

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6. EaseUS Mobisaver for Android 

EaseUS Mobisaver can help you recover deleted files from your Android device. To recover the data, start by running the EaseUS Mobisaver application on your computer. Also, connect your gadget to the PC via USB cable, and then begin scanning.

The recovered files can be saved to your computer. EaseUS Mobisaver App Features: A free Android version of EaseUS Mobisaver is available.

  • Scans the data in a secure manner and saves it to the specified destination.
  • It also scans the phone memory in part, in addition to the SD card.
  • Assist with data recovery, including photographs, videos, documents, and contacts.
  • Save the retrieved information in an easy-to-read format. The contacts file, for example, will be saved in either CSV or HTML format.
    From the URL, you can download the programme.


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