Top 7 Alternatives To ‘MegaBox HD’

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If you’re the one who likes streaming unlimited movies and entertainment stuff, then you’re at the right place. One such website with all the required features is MegaBox.

Top 7 Alternatives To MegaBox HD

MegaBox website is a heaven for movie lovers. Apart from MegaBox, We also have other alternatives just in case you don’t like it. Popular alternatives are:

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How To

1. Movie Diary

Movie diary offers some of the best collections of newly released movies, TV shows, and web series free of cost. You can easily search for the most popular entertainment content on this platform.

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The website also has an interface that lets users create a calendar for the upcoming movies and TV shows getting released on the website. Users can keep a record of the content they have watched.

Apart from streaming online, the website lets users download movies for watching offline. The website also lets its audience create a watch list for the shows and movies they have watched or wish to watch. The homepage has a simple design and layout.

Users can find options to access services like discover movies, upcoming movies, watch lists, view profiles, list of movies, etc. The discover feature lets users find some of the exotic collections of movies and video content.

It also provides recommendations, based on your interest. You can also filter the list such as top-rated, newly released, genre, etc. Every movie comes with a description related to information like plot, casting, released date.

2. Filter

Flixter is a simple and easy-to-use website that offers some of the newly released content on its server. The website is a community-based website where users can interact with other users as well. The website delivers the finest collection of movies in HD quality.

Users can comment and give feedback about their streaming experience as well. All the content is easily accessible and is free to stream. Apart from the content, the website also provides the trailer and information regarding the release date as well.

The website also has a portal that lets users book tickets for the movies. Flixter provides on-demand movies that is among the best film provider around the world.

3. Movie Genius

This application is gaining high popularity recently. Produced by Clive skinner, it has advanced features available that enhance the streaming experience of the users. The website also has a recommendation feature available that finds content for the users based on reviews and opinions.

The recommendation becomes quite relatable at times. The AI learning feature lets the application understand the user’s movie taste. The website also produces a pre-added movie list. Users can manipulate the list according to their interests or can themselves create a list.

It lets users save their favorite and newly discovered movies. The advanced filter feature lets users filter the content based on age ratings. Its settings allow you to disable or enable the feature. The parental guide feature through which content gets made available for kids.

Users can rate and give their reviews on the movies they have watched and can also recommend them to their friends. Overall, the platform is highly interactive and entertaining. You’ll not get bored of it.

4. Kanopy

Kanopy has a huge demand among the users who like watching movies daily. Users can easily search for their preferred movie without a fuss. The website is highly popular and all the content can be accessed without charges. Its movie list is flooded.

You can easily find any movies from newly released to retro classics on this platform. The website lets you discover movies and new titles that are published every month. The website also recommends users with the content based on their reviews and watch history.

The website is also quite interesting for the kids. It also delivers content and videos for kids of all ages. The parental guidance feature lets parents see if their children are endorsed into kids’ shows or not.

The website believes in emotional and social development and promotes creativity in the younger generation. The basic feature of the website includes simple design and layout, frequent updates, push notifications, ratings, and comments, filter, and multiple categories.

5. Just Watch

Just Watch is a home for all types of entertaining stuff and movies. The website lets users to binge-watch and unlimited streaming. Almost all types of entertainment content from movies, TV, and web-based shows to short clips, etc.

Just Watch has everything available on its server. The website finds content from paid OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon, HBO, etc, and delivers them for free to the users. It also allows users to check upcoming movies and also helps in purchasing tickets.

Its database contains more than 55,000 films, TV shows, entertainment clips, news, etc.

6. Bobby Movie

Just like any other alternative, this website also produces a good amount of movies and TV shows on their website. Its database gets frequently updated that lets users find movies of their choice and in a variety of genres.

Users can search for their movies as well rather than scrolling through the content list. The website does not require sign-ups. All you need to do is to open the website on your browser and start streaming.

7. Movie Bucket

The website helps you in keeping a record of the movies you have watched or want to watch in the future. By writing the name of the movie on the bucket list, the website will help you find information regarding the release.

The website lets users watch their favorite movies with their friends online. You can easily recommend the movies to your friends on social media. The website also gives a notification about the movies getting released on the platform.

Basic features like descriptions regarding the movie, plot, and character information are also provided on the website. Overall the website is very sleek and simple. If you like watching movies regularly, you should give it a shot.

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With the help of these websites, you can anytime reduce the craving for watching movies without having to pay a penny. Overall, all the websites are top-rated and widely used. So you don’t have to be suspicious about the quality and features they offer.


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