10 Best Sarahah Alternatives

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Are you seeking for a website where you may receive candid feedback? The greatest website for you is “Sarahah.” You can give and receive an infinite amount of feedback from your friends. It allows you to accept anonymous feedback.

10 Best Sarahah Substitutes

Because the name of the commenter is kept hidden, the majority of the responses are genuine. However, you should not put your faith in the information you receive. Sarahah has a number of common substitutes, including

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How To

1. Spout

If you’re seeking for an anonymous way to find out how people feel about you, you’ve come to the perfect place. Spout is a popular app that allows users to learn more about themselves in an area of their choosing. It works for a radius that the user specifies. The application is secure to use and allows users to share pictures anonymously.

All you have to do is feed a location radius around the area you want to know about, and people will start providing you comments. You can share your essential feedback or confessions to your friends in addition to receiving feedback. Your identity will always remain anonymous and will only be shared if and when you request it.

The app is the most effective approach to get information and learn what others think of you. The programme has a lot of interactivity. It’ll keep you entertained for a long time. The software is completely free to use and requires no registration.

You don’t even need to create a profile to use the application. The software is both fun and simple to use.

2. Lipsi

Lipsi has been receiving a lot of positive feedback lately. The software, like Sarahah, entertains its users by allowing them to anonymously give and receive criticism and confessions.

The app is secure and completely free to use. To receive more interesting responses and confessions, include a link to your profile in your Instagram bios.

So feel free to write to your friends or give them feedback. Apart from enjoyment, the app can also be used for business purposes. Assume you’re a serviceman for a company. Then, you may use the website to learn more about how your clients are responding to your services.

Because the identity is hidden, your consumers are more likely to provide you honest feedback on your products and services. You may use their feedback and make adjustments to your items as a result. The purpose of the app, however, is to obtain or provide feedback to your pals.

It is important to note that the app should not be used to tease or mock your pals. All of this is unethical, and you could be accused of cyberbullying. The software can also help you improve your business by collecting consumer feedback, or you can use it to alleviate feelings of emptiness and anxiety in your life.

3. Stupid Conversation

Sarahah is extremely similar to Stupid Chat. They are nearly identical in terms of features and layout. As a result, this programme is regarded as the best online alternative. This software allows you to connect with those around you, share your thoughts and feelings, and perhaps even your secrets.

To make it more intriguing, the software also allows you to choose a nickname for yourself. This is preferable to anonymously sharing opinions under the same identity for everyone. In addition, the debate becomes much more interactive as a result of this.

Despite the fact that you have limitless time to communicate with as many people as you like, your chat is destroyed after 24 hours. The user interface is pretty fluid. As a result, you can give this application a shot.

4. Swiftie

This is another fantastic option for Sarahah. However, the post is only available for a limited time.

The length of each post is determined by its likability. In comparison to posts with fewer likes, posts with more likes will have a longer lifespan. However, after a few days, all of the posts vanish and are permanently archived.

Users can choose whether they want to stay anonymous or talk with a nickname using the app. You, too, may provide and receive feedback and comments from your friend, just like Sarahah.

Professionally, the app can be used to collect honest feedback from customers and clients. The application is free to use and does not necessitate a lot of wrangling.

Simply download the app, create a profile, then share the profile’s link on your Instagram account. It also has a pleasing layout and structure. This makes it a basic, easy-to-use platform where individuals of all ages may provide and receive feedback.

5. Speak Softly

This software, like any other alternative, contains a lot of the same functionality. This app is regarded as the best for sharing your ideas.

Users can express themselves in a variety of areas, ranging from love and relationships to writing about pop culture, the workplace, and student life. Whisper is a one-stop shop for people from all walks of life.

This app will keep you entertained for a long time. It has everything you need to share your emotions, life updates, motivational quotes, and more. You can also make remarks to your pals instead of displaying your emotions.

This application is genuine, and it will never divulge your identity without your consent. Overall, it’s a fantastic option that you should try. If you enjoy poetry or short stories, you should visit this website at least once.

6. Honesty

This application must be great for individuals who are experiencing emotional breakdown or heartbreak. Unlike Sarahah, the website allows users to ask questions about their current condition.

Because it has such a large community, you will receive a response to assist you in coping with the matter. The apps are made specifically for people who are dealing with mental health concerns.

The goal of the app is to assist folks who are sad and depressed by bringing happiness and confidence into their lives. The application is free to download and use, and it is a valuable resource for those who are depressed.

Perhaps a little help will provide them happiness and hope. We all know that mental suffering has a far greater influence on our lives than physical pain.

Overall, it’s a fantastic and simple-to-use programme that doesn’t require much upkeep. All you have to do now is download the app, create a profile, and start using it.

7. Sayat

This website looks a lot like Lipsi, which allows users to acquire honest ideas and views. The website is frequently utilised for commercial reasons. As previously said, receiving feedback is critical to expanding a company’s reach. You can also express your thoughts on your personality on the website.

This website allows you to create a URL for yourself that contains questions. To gain comments from your friends and acquaintances, you can publish the link on your social network profile.

Because you won’t be able to see the names, the feedback will be completely honest. All IDs will be labelled as anonymous.

8. Convert

This is a completely anonymous feedback platform where you may give and receive comments on yourself. Because the identity of the person is unknown, you can confidently express your honest opinion. Unlike other websites, this one allows you to vote on the posts you want to keep or delete.

We can say that the community is given the power to decide what they want to see and what they don’t want to see. You can also participate in any ongoing debate on the website. Overall, it is an extremely active website. This website may appeal to you if you enjoy receiving feedback.

9. After-School Activities

Only teenagers are eligible to use the app. It allows them to talk about school or other topics.

Because the website is only intended for a specialised audience, it is not very popular. Teenagers can get correct counsel, resources, and greater opportunities in addition to merely talking about entertaining stuff.

They may also obtain other pertinent information for their careers. A variety of exercises are also carried out to assist them in honing their talents. Students can get engaged in these community activities and campaigns in a variety of ways.

10. Let Off Some Steam

This website allows you to break free from your isolation and assist them in interacting with others.

It enables people to escape their sorrow and miseries by allowing them to create pals. Users can also express their troubles and sorrows, and someone will undoubtedly offer a remedy. Your identity is kept hidden.

As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about alerting people about your troubles. You can open up about your secrets and issues without fear of being judged. The community will always be there to assist you in overcoming your emotional difficulties.


Sarahah is a good programme, but there are numerous well-known Sarahah alternatives available online. Although these apps and websites can be used for a variety of things, from building businesses to having fun, it’s vital to remember that they should not be used for bullying.

All of these unethical app usage fall under the category of cyberbullying, which is a felony. As a result, you should use the website with caution.


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