Error Code 0x80300024 When Installing Windows

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The problem 0x80300024 occurs when Windows is installed in an operating system. It’s one of the most difficult challenges you’ll ever encounter.

The problem message “Windows is unable to install in the selected location” is also included in this error code. As a result, it acts as a roadblock or stumbling block when installing a Window in an operating system.

Furthermore, the error number 0x80300024 describes some of the issues relating to the hard drive partition, which is the destination of the Windows installation, such as software or hardware. The appearance of the error code 0x80300024 might be caused by a number of factors.

How To

Insufficient disc space on the target device, or damaged/corrupted installation media, such as a damaged, dying, or otherwise corrupted hard drive, are among them. These were the factors that contributed to the inaccuracy.

How to Fix Error Code 0x80300024 During Windows Installation

There are several solutions to these errors listed below, along with the actions to remedy the problem and prevent it from happening again. If you encounter this issue on your machine, use the methods outlined below to resolve Error Code 0x80300024.

 1. Disconnect 

When the system is linked to more than one hard drive, and the installation is being conducted on one of those hard drives, the other drive may cause interference while Windows is being installed. As a result of the installation failure, an error code of 0x80300024 will appear on the screen.

To address this issue, follow the instructions outlined below:

Step 1 – Remove the hard drive from the machine that will not be utilised during the installation of Windows.

Step 2 – Run through the entire installation procedure again to see whether the problem still exists.

If the problem persists after completing the instructions above, it is unlikely that the hard disc is to blame. In the meantime, look into alternative options for resolving the issue that arises during the installation of Windows.

 2. Different USB Port

The Windows operating system, on the other hand, may be installed using a USB drive and the proper installation media. The difficulty may be caused by the USB port under which the installation media is a plugin, as most users use this approach to install Windows in their system via USB.

Furthermore, if this is the primary cause of the problem, try resolving it by installing Windows using a USB port and inserting the installation disc in a new USB port, i.e. switching from a USB 2.0 port to a USB 3.0 port or vice versa, and seeing if the problem is cured.

 3. Verify 

Furthermore, the hard disc it is installed on may not be at the top of the computer’s boot order, which could be the root of the problem.

On startup, the computer always tries to boot the operating system, which is configured in the BIOS of most computers. To fix the problem, make sure the target hard disc is at the top of the boot order on the machine. To do so, follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1 – To begin, turn on the computer.

Step 2 – The first screen that shows on the computer upon boot up has instructions to hit a specific key, which is usually DELETE F1 OR F2, to enter the BIOS/setup of the computer. Press the required key to access the BIOS.

Step 3 – In the BIOS, look for the computer’s boot order/configuration. The boot order is usually found in the BIOS boot tab. After that, change the boot order to put the hard drive where Windows is installed at the top.

Step 4 – Finally, leave the BIOS of the computer to ensure that the modifications have been preserved and updated.

4. Format the Installation Location 

On the contrary, formatting the installation location before installing Windows on the computer is recommended because it is often the source of the problem, and formatting the location can solve it.

As a result, resolve the 0x80300024 error code difficulties. As a result, formatting an installation location is unquestionably a viable option.

Here are the steps to take to accomplish this:

Step 1 – On the computer, first install the bootable Windows installation disc and then restart it. If Windows Installation media isn’t in use or isn’t ready to use, it must be generated.

Step 2 – After the machine has started, select to boot from the inserted installation disc. Then select your preferred computer language, keyboard layout, and other options.

Step 3 – Select Custom from the drop-down menu. When it asks you where you want Windows to be installed, select Drive first (advanced).

Step 4 – Next, select the partition of the computer’s hard drive that holds the Windows installation. Then click on the format option after selecting the installed Windows.

Step 5 – Finally, confirm your action.

Step 6 – After the HDD partition has been entirely formatted, click Next to continue with the installation.

5. Get a New Hard Drive

Replacing the hard disc is one of the most effective ways to resolve the error. It’s because, in the vast majority of situations, the computer’s hard disc is dying or has already died.

Installing a Window in an operating system can be thwarted by a failing hard disc. Furthermore, it is strongly advised that the hard drive be replaced with a new one. It will undoubtedly assist you in resolving the 0x80300024 problem code.


One of the most effective strategies for resolving the error code 0x80300024 is to follow the procedures indicated above. The user claims that the procedures are sufficiently effective and efficient to solve the problem. And when confronted with this issue, these methods should undoubtedly be used.


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